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Douglas Buchanan has been writing restricted material for initiates and members of various societies for over fifty years. As a younger ritual magician, Kabbalist, and Tarot student, a member of B.O.T.A., and Charter member of the Knights Templar of Aquarius, and a "beyond the 10th" Rosicrucian he was asked by Gerald Gardner in the 50's to instruct Monica Wilson, allegedly Gardner's niece, in magical matters, to belp her become High Priestess of the first coven in the South of London, after the repeal of the Witchcraft Act in Britain. He has been in the Return of the Goddess movement since 1947 and has acquired many skills along the way. As Geraint, the Merlin of Heol Galed, he has done alot of work with the Celtic folk, including the reinstatement of the hair magic ritual for women. He wrote three mongraphs for the College of Esoteric Studies (CES) in Barbados, and ran the magical newsletters: Beyond the Gates of Horn, Caer Sidis, Athame and Tree, and Armanen. For some years he wrote the occult article and astrology column for the Contemporary Times, and contributed articles, poetry, and stories to such specialist newsletters as Gateway to Glastonbury, and the Dragonfly. Among other things he is a rune master of the magical Armanen runes, a Reiki Master in two traditions, and a Dar'Shem master.

Mr. Buchanan, among his many other talents is also a Numberologist. He provides extensive in-depth reports to clients that are interested in learning about their numberic charts.

One on One Consultations
What is a Consultation?
It's easier to say what it isn't. It is not a psychic reading.
Mr. Buchanan is not going to predict your future.
His talent is in seeing connections and options that your personal situation may be preventing you from seeing. And then he connects the dots for you, and you suddenly have more and different options available.

He has spent close to seventy years gathering knowledge of the many paths available to a serious seeker and can often point to a book, group or activity that may or may not have occured to you, or even entered your current universe. Advice of this sort could save you years of seeking.
As one client said, "He has an uncany ability to cut through the fog of illusions and penetrate to the heart of the problem."

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The Douglas Buchanan Monograph Series
Mr. Buchanan has authored many monographs, some of which have been made available to the public, to see the complete list click on the link below


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