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Tid-Bits #1 - #7
by Douglas Buchanan

Tid-Bits #1

Volume 1
1.   The Chemistry of Hallowe'en, or The Monsters were Real               
2.   The Truth about the Self
3.   What you think is what you see, and vice versa
4.   Tid-Bits for Yule
5.   Muslim propaganda, ours
6.   Another Millennium Anyone?  (A.D. 2002)
7.   Thirty-nine and holding
8.   Different Times, Different Ways, Different Nights, Different Days
9.   A Pharmacist's Dream, a Nutritionist's Nightmare
10. Thinking about Lady Sophia; Wisdom
11. About Biorhythms
12. Connecting Dots in the Mundane World     
13. How to take too many Vitamins
14. Avoiding verbal indigestion, or worse
15. The Black Tide of Occultism
16. The Final Bow
17. The Experts are always wrong
18. Out of the Body
19. Custom-make your own Chants
20. Being Number One isn't necessarily a good thing
21. Gods seem to differ on the Pledge of Allegiance

Tid-Bits #2
Volume 2
22. Intellectual Honesty is a No-No.
23. Hermes, the Mysterious Bringer of Civilization
24. At Least Die Rich
25. Rebels with a Cause; the Next Generation of Children
26. Your Words make your Health
27. The Majority Myth
28. How Old is Old?
29. That isn't How it Works.
30. The Fluoride Cover-up
31. The Christmas Star
32. A Bit about Karma
33. Truth, if you dare
34. Why I will NEVER return to Britain

Tid-Bits #3
Volume 3
35. It's in the Bag                      
36. The Ultimate Role  
37. Scientia est potentia
38. An Apology to the World
39. What you expect is what you see
40. Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend
41. The Greatest Crime of All?
42. The Broken Staff
43. The Marshmallow Oracle
44. Remembering the Future
45. Do What You Can Do
46. Fluoride versus IQ                        
47. How Women deal effectively with
     Stress, and Men usually don't 
48. The Evidence for Astrology
49. Let's Do the Numbers
50. Let them Grow beyond our Comfort Zone
51. May 10th 1886... a date that will live in infamy
52. Eating Native-American-Indian food
53. Remember the Iroquois

Tid-Bits #4

Volume 4         
54 Heroes without Uniforms Pleeeeease !!!
55 Tid Bits for Yule, Saturnalia, Solstice and Christmas.  Dec 2003
56 Lies, damned lies, and statistics
57 Behind the Masks of Hallowe'en  (October 2003)
58 We Create our own Reality
59 When Universes interfaced in History
60 Getting Enough Protein
61 A Miracle of Perseverance
62 Metaphysical Healing...Theory 101...Introduction

Tid-Bits #5
Volume V
63 I am not here
64 In God we trust...(or is it Gold?)
65 Coffee Anyone?
67 The Other War we are losing
68 So you want to stop Smoking
69 It's a Different Century
70 The Labyrinth...a Personal Recollection
71 We are what we feed
72 Deja vu...again...Water
73 From a couple of questions
74 The Founding Fathers were NOT Evangelical Christians
75 No Sex, No Corruption, No Violence...No News
76 It's neither Nice nor Safe to fool Mother Nature
77 Ancient Oracles, Modern Science

Tid-Bits #6
Continuing Mr. Buchanan's commentary on a great variety of issues
detailed description to come

Tid-Bits #7
Continuing Mr. Buchanan's commentary on a great variety of issues
detailed description to come

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