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Who was Jesus really?
 This was originally titled The Bill Letters because it was originally letters sent to my stepson Bill, over the span of about two years.  Each one built on the previous one, dealing with the history of the times and the editing of the monks who just knew what the story ought to be. It contains pictures of where Jesus, if he existed at all historically, was most likely to have died as a revered Elder, and under historically validated circumstances. It wasn't on the cross.  It treats Him as actually the legitimate King of the Jews, and as a radical working against the Roman occupation of Palestine. The evidence is strong and usually ignored, even by those who learn it in seminary, but daren't tell the congregation.

the journey from the Apparent to the Real
 This is written for those people who want a bullet proof method of meditating that avoids all the snares and traps that the ego mind complex immediately sets up to prevent real progress, while providing spurious progress that actually causes psychic and sometimes mental problems..

The Wiccan Papers
 In the 1950's the repeal of the Witchcraft Act in England made it possible for people to say they were witches without risking immediate prosecution and imprisonment. Gerald Gardner wrote  History of Witchcraft, opened the Witches Museum on the Isle of Man, and began publicizing the return of the goddess from obscurity. He asked me, as a young magician, to help a woman he knew with the elementary magical skills required of a coven High Priestess. Since that time I have helped many Wiccans and other pagans with matters magickal and historical. This monograph is based on questions and answers from meetings over many years. It is written under my Celtic magickal name Geraint.

Introduction to the
Knights Templar
An account of the origins, aims and activities of the Templars from their discovery of the Secrets of the Temple through their persecution in France and their scattering into various safe places, like Scotland as Templars, and in other countries under different names.  The esoteric side of their work with Tarot and Kabbalah is part of the treatment, including their initiation system based on the Tarot.  It contains a large bibliography and over a hundred web sites that are helpful.  I was a founder member of The Knights Templar of Aquarius, founded in the fifties by H. Randall Stevens, and have met several people since then who remember our days together as Templars years ago.

Health Matters
 This monograph is a collection of the most popular and widely used of the health articles I have written over the years.  Most of them were published in the Contemporary Times or the Healing Heart of Sophia. They provided health ammunition to many nurses at Children's Memorial Hospital in Chicago. The aim of the articles is to inform you of the lies you are continually being told by the pharmaceutical, chemical and medical authorities, and to suggest how you can become your own wellness coach. They include material on the health hazard aspartame in over 1200 products and how it happened, the PR campaign that made soy popular in spite of its health hazards, the story of how the chronic poison fluorine was put into water supplies because of the Manhattan Atomic Bomb project, cures for cancer that have been suppressed, the ultimate anti-biotic that has no side effects and that no bacteria can mutate around, and much more, as the ads say.

The Lord's Prayer from the Aramaic
 This monograph comprises the very detailed notes given to the attendees of an eight part series of lectures I gave at the UU Church in Park Forest, IL about the prayer in Aramaic. The English translations from the Greek and Latin bear very little resemblance to the power and poetry of the language that Jesus, if he actually ever lived, would have spoken. Every line does magickal work on one or other of the chakras, in the Aramaic.  Problems like "Lead us not into temptation" disappear in the Aramaic. It is a wonderful prayer in the original language. The tepid English in the various translations is about as much like the power of the original as reading IRS regulations compared with Shakespeare at his best.

 Japa Mala
this monograph was the manual for a couple of seminars on how to use the prayer beads of the Hindus, the 108 bead mala, to program the subconscious, change habits, meditate, and generally help the integration and betterment of the body mind connection. Some attendees used the manual to increase their incomes, get promotions, and to stop smoking. There are myriads of ways to use this simple instrument to better one's life.

Whom does the Grail Serve?
This is a monograph for Grail/ Round Table/ Arthur enthusiasts. The esoteric work of the Grail has been an interest of mine for many decades, and this work is a summary of the way the story comes across from the first French, German and the English traditions about this fascinating half history half mythology. In mediaeval times there was an Abbot who was desperate about the boredom his monks displayed when he was talking to them. He tried the line, "There was once a king called Arthur" and immediately had everyone's rapt attention. It's still true today, Arthur, Merlin and the Grail Quest are always good for a book, play or movie. Their appeal is much deeper than any ordinary story. This monograph attempts to show why this is so.

Pendulum 101
This monograph is the manual given out at my seminars on how to use a simple pendulum to access the tremendous amount of data available in the subconscious, and usually not even noticed by the conscious mind. It teaches the reader how to use complex tables from which to choose the best items among a multitude of choices. It shows how to make choices of actions when the conscious mind is confused, how to check your answers against your own desire for a particular answer, how to estimate your own spiritual status in this incarnation, how to check if a certain food is good for you or not, Yes/No answers of all kinds, and much more.

Energy Balls and Helpers
 This is the manual used in a series of seminars in which the attendees were shown how to make energy balls and use them to produce effects, or to monitor events significant to the attendees.  It shows too how to make helpers out of energy for all sorts of useful purposes in life: as guardians, as advisors and as protectors, among other matters.

Putting it all together
 This is the manual used at a seminar given to the Tarot Society on the secret order of the royalty of the Tarot and how it correlates with alchemy, the four elements of the mediaevalists, I Ching, Kabbalah, Geomancy, the Tattvas, the four personality classifications of Jung and the permutations of the four letters of the name of God in Hebrew. It is a very seminal piece for those who already know a lot and are in a position to correlate it in ways that may not have occurred to them.

From Ysgol Myrddyn..First Principles of utilizing the dog Latin of the Harry Potter spells for people who already do some  form of magic
 The first pages summarize the methods of actually creating magic words that work for the practitioner, but not for someone else who overhears them and repeats them, an old theme in magickal stories. The last 29 pages contain all the spells of the current Harry Potter series up through book 6 and some from the video games also. The Latin, or the language used is translated and a brief account of the Harry Potter effect is given. The effect is not Hollywood visually flashy for your own magic spells.  What they change is you. This contains a smaller than usual proportion of totally original Douglas work so the price is only $10. Ysgol Myrddyn means The School of Merlin, and is the name of the school of magic that I run for special students.

The Armanen Runes Series

Armanen Runes Monograph Series page

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 If you say "rune" in Europe the runes people will most likely think of are not the Elder Futhark made famous by the marketing genius who sold Ralph Blum's book with the tactile experience of a set of cast runes. The magical runes are the Armanen runes, all of which are based on the hexagon and its diagonals. The money market was in producing books on the runes that Blum brought into public consciousness with 600,000 books and sets sold. But the magical runes for those interested in magic are the Armanen runes.
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Practical Magick
Tid-Bits Series

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There are currently 7 volumes of these.  They contain collections of the articles I write for the Practical Magick e-zine. I write two a month and have done so for some time. Before the end of 2005 there were 100 articles on health matters, spiritual matters, religious matters, metaphysics, social commentary and many diverse subjects.

All monographs are $15.95, except for Who was Jesus Really? and The Knights Templar which are $17.50 and the Harry Potter/dog Latin which is only $10.00.
If you wish to order any of these, please send a email with your choices and we will only add the actual postage cost, no added nonsense.
We are not a big company, so you will recieve a personal response and order confirmation.
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